MAPS – Accommodation

Dalahotel, Laugar, Iceland

The MAPS educational program will take place November 4th – 10th 2023 in Dalahotel, Laugar, Iceland (

Dalahotel is a country hotel, located approximately 2.5 hours’ drive north of Reykjavik. It used to be a boarding school before it was converted to a hotel and although the guestrooms are simple, the hotel facilities, including a swimming pool, hot tubs and sauna, and the surrounding nature combine to make it the perfect place for learning and sharing. The hotel is exclusively reserved for this course; all facilities are only for participants of MAPS educational program.

Bus transfers will be provided from Reykjavik to Dalahotel and back for a small fee.

(Approx. 40-50 USD per person. Final price and bus timings depend on number of and schedule of participants and will become clear at a later date).

Price for accommodation at Dalahotel:

Single room with private bathroom: 820 USD per person. (Only 2 rooms of this type available)

Double room with private bathroom: 744 USD per person.

Single room with shared bathroom: 700 USD per person. (Only 2 rooms of this type available)

Double room with shared bathroom: 670 USD per person.

Included in price: 6 nights in Dalahotel. Full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee breaks). Access to all facilities and services offered at Dalahotel, including pool (during opening hours), sauna, nature pool, wi-fi.