MAPS Workshop in Iceland

MAPS workshop on the use of psychedelic substances for therapeutic purposes

November 4th – 11th 2023

In collaboration with Hugvíkkandi, The Icelandic Psychedelic Society, Haraldur Erlendsson consultant psychiatrist, Silfurberg* investment company (Friðrik Steinn Kristjánsson) and MAPS (The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) we are proud to announce the first MAPS workshop in Iceland in November 2023. 

This is held with the support of Network for Psychedelic Therapy and Medicine (Denmark), Norsk Psyk-edelisk Vitenskab, Psykologvirke, Nordic Psychedelic Science (Norway), Nätverket for Psykedelisk Veten-skab (Sweden), Finnish Association for Psychedelic Research (Finland), Hugvíkkandi (Iceland) and The Nordic Network for Psychedelic Science.

The workshop will take place November 4th – 11th 2023 in Dalahotel, Laugar, Iceland (

Dalahotel is a country hotel, located approximately 2.5 hours’ drive north of Reykjavik. It used to be a boarding school before it was converted to a hotel and although the guestrooms are simple, the hotel facilities, including a swimming pool, hot tubs and sauna, and the surrounding nature combine to make it the perfect place for learning and sharing. The hotel is exclusively reserved for this course; all facilities are only for participants of MAPS workshop.

Bus transfers will be provided from Reykjavik to Dalahotel and back for a small fee.

The program consists of part 1 with 60 hours of online training to be completed before the workshop, and then part 2 with 40 hours of on-site learning during workshop.

See more about the course here:

Price for accommodation (all prices are per person):

Single room with private bathroom: 112.500 ISK / 820 USD
Double room with private bathroom: 102.000 ISK / 744 USD
Single room with shared bathroom: 96.000 ISK / 700 USD
Double room with shared bathroom: 90.000 ISK / 670 USD

Included in price: 7 nights in Dalahotel. Full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee breaks). Access to all facilities and services offered at Dalahotel, including pool, sauna, sports hall, nature pool, wi-fi.

Price for workshop Part 1 – online learning: (60 hours): 35.000 ISK/ 250 USD.

Price for workshop Part 2 – on site learning: (40 hours): 240.000 ISK/ 1800 USD.

Grants: *Silfurberg investment company offers a grant of 120.000 ISK for participants.

Please send funding applications to: The application deadline is until the end of September 2023.

Registrations start on 12th of May Registration fee 250 USD.


Last updated on May 15th 2023