MAPS – Educational program prices

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Price for educational program Part 1 – online learning: (20-30 hours): 250 USD

Price for educational program Part 2 – on site learning: (50 hours): 945 USD

If you are a professional with a wish to work with MDMA-AT in the future or if you are part of an organisation that wishes to bring know-how about MDMA-AT into our workplace for future implementation this is a unique opportunity to get started:

Standard price for this part of the MAPS educational program in the US: 3,500 USD

Total price for this MAPS educational program in Iceland: 1,195 USD

Saved expense per participant: 2,305 USD

TOTAL PRICE for accommodation and parts 1 & 2 of educational program ranges from 1,865 USD – 2,015 USD depending on accommodation type.

Please note that prices do NOT include flights to/from Iceland.

Thank you: We thank Silfurberg investment company for generously offering a grant for all participants, reducing the total price of educational program and accommodation by approximately 1/3. MAPS has graciously agreed to make no profit from it nor the organizers.

Please note that grant has already been deducted from educational program price announced above.

Applications open on 12th of May 2023 and ends on June 30th .

Please send a mail to Sigridur Sigurdardottir, Project manager at to receive an application link.

Registration fee is 250 USD.

NOTE: Due to a lot of interest in the educational program, we encourage you to send in your application early!

Application Requirements

You can apply for the education program if you are authorized to practice psychotherapy according to local regulation. This includes if you are a psychologist, psychotherapist, psychiatrist, or have another relevant background.

We reserve the right to prioritize applications from researchers and professionals that are part of projects relevant to investigational MDMA-AT research in the Nordic countries. But we welcome applications from everyone with a relevant background, who wish to educate themselves about MDMA-AT research.

If you are not eligible for the education program in November 2023, we will notify you of future relevant programs.